"Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVIII"-Sampler DLP

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 "Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVIII"-Sampler DLP, Splatter Vinyl

Tracklist :

A1.) Benediction - Tear Off These Fucking Wings

A2.) Kataklysm - The Awakener (Re-Recorded)

A3.) Hypocrisy - They Lie (The Exploited Cover)

A4.) The Spirit - Illuminate The Night Sky

B1.) Insidious Disease - Soul Excavation

B2.) Memoriam - War Rages On (Demo)

B3.) Possessed - Abandoned (Demo)

B4.) Thy Art Is Murder - The Son Of Misery

C1.) Immolation - Morbid Visions (Featuring Max Cavalera, Sepultura Cover)

C2.) Nailed To Obscurity - King Delusion

C3.) Bleeding Gods - Beloved By Artemis

C4.) Decapitated - Sane (Meshuggah Cover)

D1.) Aenimus - Before The Eons

D2.) Paradise Lost - Frozen Illusion

D3.) Carcass - A Wraith In The Apparatus

D4.) Brujeria - Viva Presidente Trump!


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