Anthrax "For All Kings" CD (Tour Edition)

Anthrax "For All Kings" CD (Tour Edition)

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Anthrax "For All Kings" CD (Tour Edition mit Bonus-Disc)

Tracklist :

1.) You Gotta Believe

2.) Monster At The End

3.) For All Kings

4.) Breathing Lightning

5.) Suzerain

6.) Evil Twin

7.) Blood Eagle Wings

8.) Defend / Avenge

9.) All of Them Thieves

10.) This Battle Chose Us

11.) Zero Tolerance

12.) Vice of The People Bones

Tracklist Bonus CD :

1.) Breathing lightning (demo)

2.) A Monster at The End (demo)

3.) This Battle Chose Us (demo)

4.) Soror Irrumator (demo)

5.) Vice Of The People (demo)

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