Ravenstine "2024" CD-Box-Set

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Ravenstine "2024" CD-Box-Set Special Edition

Including CD "2024", 5 postcards, 2 guitar plecs, beer mats, data stick with 4 bonus tracks and a jute bag

Tracklist :

1.) Black Is The Brightest Color

2.) Easy Come Easy Go

3.) Fly Eagle Fly

4.) Signs By The Roadside

5.) In The Light

6.) A Long Way Home

7.) Killing Spree

8.) When I'm Dead And Gone

9.) Freedom Day (Live Version)


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Ravenstine "2024" LP (Black Vinyl) Ravenstine "2024" LP (Black Vinyl)
25.00 € *
Ravenstine T-Shirt "Pocket-Logo" Ravenstine T-Shirt "Pocket-Logo"
20.00 € *
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