Civil War "The Killer Angels" DLP (LT. Edition)

Civil War "The Killer Angels" DLP (LT. Edition)

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Civil War "The Killer Angels" LP, Double-Vinyl, Limited Special Edition
2 LP plus CD with 6-page-gatefold cover and 12-page booklet ! Limited to 1000 copies ! Handnumbered !

Tracklist :

Side A :

1.) King Of The Sun

2.) First To Fight

3.) Saint Patrick's Day

Side B :

1.) Rome Is Falling

2.) Sons Of Avalon

3.) I Will Rule The Universe

Side C :

1.) Lucifer's Court

2.) Brother Judas

3.) My Own Worst Enemy

Side D :

1.) Gettysburg

2.) March Across The Belts (bonus track)



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