Renegade "Thoughtless Journey" CD

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Renegade "Thoughtless Journey" CD

65 minutes, 14 tracks, pure epic Power Metal from Germany.

Tracklist :

1.) Prelude

2.) Lack Of Conscience

3.) Parental Interference

4.) Twisted Thoughts

5.) The Haunting

6.) Stone Her

7.) On The Run

8.) Through The Forest

9.) Angel Of The Night

10.) Heavenly Warrior

11.) Rock On You

12.) Headhunting

13.) Sanctuary

14.) Thoughtless Journey

"Thoughtless Journey" is a concept album, written and recorded by Beyond Redemption's guitarist Pat Weazle (aka Renegade). Mixed by Patrick Pfeiff, mastered at Grotesque Studios, Artwork by Jens Reinhold/Zenz-Art (who already designed artwork for Running Wild, Sodom, Freedom Call and others)

An intriguing story, catchy melodies and hammering riffs will lead you through an uncomparable journey, so just lay back and enjoy.


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