Yuppie-Club / Oh Yeahhhh "Fucking Grind" Split-CD

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Yuppie-Club / Oh Yeahhhh "Fucking Grind" Split-CD

Tracklist YUPPIE-CLUB :

1.) Intro

2.) Motherfucker

3.) Harm Children

4.) Sexual Assault

5.) Cheat

6.) Gut-Eater

7.) 10 Reasons To Kill

8.) Excessive

9.) Murder

Tracklist OH YEAH! OH YEAHHHH! :

10.) Intro

11.) Your Decisions Cause Me Headache

12.) Go To Work Without Paying Taxes Is Not Good For The General Public

13.) Be Alive Sucks Sometimes

14.) Rent Is Expensive So I Stay In A Box

15.) My Box Is Not Waterproof

16.) Rain Is Not My Friend Because It Makes My Bed Wet

17.) It´s The Fault Of The Goverment That My Home Is A Box

18.) My Mayor Drives A Scooter

19.) Beautyful And Rich Man Fucking Much

20.) Water Is Life

21.) Want To Die To See A Rhino

22.) My Mother Was A Hairdresser

23.) Chairmen Or Murder

24.) Would Be Nice To Go To Work If I Had Working

25.) Nice To Be Nice

26.) You Can´t See A Really Great Cock Through The Pants

27.) Really Angry

28.) Billy Is My Hope

29.) Suck Or Fuck

30.) Birthday Without A Party Is Not That Nice

31.) My Sore Is Bloody

32.) Outro Suckers


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