Sampler "The Many Faces Of Def Leppard" 2-LP

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Sampler "The Many Faces Of Def Leppard" 2-LP,
Double LP Gatefold, 180 GR, farbiges Vinyl, Limited Edition

Tracklist :

Side A :

1.) All Join Hands

2.) I Will Be There

3.) Doin' Fine

4.) On A Lonely Road

5.) Over My Dead Body

Side B :

1.) Living In A F**king Time Warp

2.) Tower Of Love

3) Turn It Up

4.) Strange Love

5.) Roll Me Over

Side C :

1.) Pour Some Sugar On Me

2.) Hysteria

3.) Let It Go

4.) Rock Rock Til You Drop

5.) Bringing On The Heartbreak

Side D :

1.) On through The Night

2.) Photograph

3.) Wasted

4.) Let's Get Rocked

5.) Too Late For Love

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