Kreator "Live At Bloodstock 2021" D-LP

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Kreator "Live At Bloodstock 2021", double-LP, crystal clear vinyl,
limited to 500 copies

Tracklist :

A1.) The Patriarch

A2.) Violent Revolution

A3.) Extreme Aggression

A4.) Phobia

B1.) Satan Is Real

B2.) Hordes Of Chaos

B3.) Hail To The Hordes

B4.) 666 World Divided

C1.) Awakening Of The Gods

C2.) Enemy Of God

C3.) Mars Mantra

C4.) Phantom Antichrist

C5.) Fallen Brother

D1.) Flag Of Hate

D2.) Betrayer (feat. Dani Filth)

D3.) Pleasure To Kill

D4.) Apocalypticon

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